"Two is Better than One...."

Get the front desk productivity of a full-screen computer, with the elegance and wow factor of digital tip and signature collection tablet.  

"Business's increase revenue an average of $10,000/year with SmartTips"

How the DualScreen SignPad Tip & Sign Technology Works: 

    1. Wirelessly sync any touch screen (tablet, phone, iPad) with your computer. 

    2. Swipe on a USB reader connected to your front desk computer

    3. After authorizing cards, invoices are automatically pushed to your touchscreen display (iPad recommended) to collect signature and tip. 


Get a Fortune 500 Point of Sale Setup for a Fraction of the Price.

Benefits of Dual Screen versus Tablet Only...

  1. For many businesses, running their entire checkout process on a 10 inch screen isn't possible
  2. Adequate for the bagel or coffee shop, not for a service retail business
  3. Small screen slows down front desk staff. Makes customer data entry and look-up cumbersome
  4. Fractures the connection between CRM/Scheduling tools and POS checkout
  5. Let customers consent and liability forms for digital capture and storage

Finally, a Better Front Desk Workflow...

  1. Pull up your customers appointment or invoice on your computer.
  2. Generate a bill and swipe to authorize card
  3. Your customer facing screen automatically lights up and requests a tip and signatures 
  4. Capture email address and cell phone numbers to email environmentally receipts 
  5. Capture post-transaction reviews and feedback effortlessly with timely follow-up


Example Dual Screen Setups

Customer POS Kiosk (Gooseneck)

Punchey PayPad

Heckler Regular w/ Swiper
(connect to via USB computer)

When Paired With a Front Desk Computer 

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